Todo & Don'ts is a dual list creator that will change the way you use lists! From goals to groceries, Todo & Don'ts will help you focus and organize your lists in a brand new way. 

Todo & Don'ts is a perfect pro and con list, but that's not all. We have found that any list works better when broken into two parts. Goals become Long term and Short term. Groceries become Meals and Snacks. Even chores can be split into Quick cleans and Bigger messes. 

✔ Simple and easy to use! 
✔ Add an item with just one tap! 
✔ Easily create and manage dual lists. 
✔ Simple, eye catching interface. 
✔ Themed lists help you focus only on what you need. 
✔ Easily track the number of items in each list. 

Give Todo & Don'ts a try and see how it can help improve your lists!